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Due to my busy schedule I'm going to have to but updates on hold again. I'm hoping to get something up by this summer. Thanks.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mara Model - work in progress update

Here is a new updated picture of my progress on the Mara Statue from the Hall of Promise scene. I've been able to polish it more since my last posting however I still need to add texture and bump maps for the smaller details. My day job has been kicking my ass lately, so it's been hard for me to devote time to this project. I'm hoping to get a textured version of Mara with all the Bump mapped details done for the next posting. I do have all the blueprints scanned in now and I've started blocking out the various rooms in the Attraction. The next posting will be in September,with plenty of screen shots from my progress on the attraction.

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