Next Update

Due to my busy schedule I'm going to have to but updates on hold again. I'm hoping to get something up by this summer. Thanks.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jeep YouTube video

I've posted this Turnaround of the Jeep on . I still need to get some more photo reference to finish some of the details. Once I've completed the rest of the texturing I will post some High resolution screen shots. It's coming along nicely, now I'm going to focus on the 3D model of the Mara Statue in the Hall of Promise scene.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Update: Jeep Model

I'm really close to finishing the Jeep. I wanted to post the textured version, but there are still a few issues I want to deal with before I post some screen shots. I realized as I was texturing the jeep that I don't have enough photo reference to get all the details right. So I'm most likely going to make some adjustments once I have a chance to go back to the park and take more pictures. If you happen to have really good pictures of the Jeeps or anything else on the ride feel free to send them to me. You can never have too much photo reference when working on something like this.

I should have the textured version posted this week along with a YouTube video.

Track Layout

My plan with this project is to build my 3D version of the attraction from the actual blueprints used for the real ride. I've been working off the blueprints I have to make sure I get the scale and measurements correct. It's taking awhile, but once this is done I will have a much easier time modeling all the interior scenes. Now I'd like to tell you this project will be done by the time the new movie comes out, or by this summer. Realistically, this will take me a year or more to finish completely. There just isn't enough time in the day for me to focus on this project on top of my Job and everything else in life. I do plan to get at least one finished piece in every month. This might be a cool snake pillar, some props, or a whole room. It will vary from month to month depending on my schedule. I am dedicated to finishing this because I really want to be able to go through the final result.

So here are some screen shots to show you how I'm starting off with the track layout.

First I scan in the blueprints

Then I trace the track layout with a polygon tool to make 3D geometry which I can later texture with photo reference from the ride.

I will be building each part of the Attraction using this method and post my work in progress screen shots on this blog the first day of every month from now on.